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The Finn Jones / Iron Fist Interview Omnibus Edition

I’m not even going to try to vet each of these interviews. I’m just going to post them and let you watch them. So here is the Finn Jones Interview Omnibus Edition. Most notable though are the two funniest moments on set where Finn 1) hit himself in the face after trying to get himself revved up for a fight scene, then 2) the part in the asylum where Danny is finally able to conjure The Iron Fist and runs toward the wall where as he jumps up into the air (high protein diet) he lets out a good fart. Too funny.







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Happy 29th Birthday Finn

On behalf of APERTURE :: FINN JONES ONLINE I’d like to wish Finn a happy, healthy and loving birthday. He turns 29 and I hope he spends his “name day” with those he loves or doing whatever he loves to do to make him happy. This is the first time this site has celebrated Finn’s birthday and I’m hoping it’s the first of many. Salute Finn.

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New Scans Added :: Empire UK | May 2017

A new scan for the press section and gallery. Empire UK had some good things to say about IRON FIST giving the overall rating a solid three stars out of five. As usual you can click on the [002] in the link below to find the scans, but to read the text portion of the article you can click on the in the link below.

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“Iron Fist” – E1X01 Snow Gives Way Screencaps

Here are the screencaps for the first episode of IRON FIST. The episode is titled Snow Gives Way and on the whole not a bad introduction to the series. I loved now Finn played Danny with that child-like innocence, but of course he has that propensity for violence that all around makes Danny with all the power he has dangerous. I really can’t say which scenes I liked most, but I’d have to point out to the opening scene as I think Finn has all the impetus it takes to make this show a success. Despite all the crap surrounding the premiere, IRON FIST has become the most watched show on Netflix. This means the controversy made no never mind to how the public felt toward the show. I’m glad about that. I’m hearing a season two order soon.

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New Press Scan :: 03/20/2017 TV Guide USA

A new scan for the press archive. Here TV Guide USA reviews IRON FIST giving the show a solid 3.5 stars. Shows not all critics are stupid. As usual you can click on the link to go to the gallery, but click the icon to go to the transcribed article.

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Finn & Jessica Henwick Talk Feet & Earlobes

This is just a too cute interview with Finn and his IRON FIST co-star Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing) where they discuss hidden talents, earlobes, bare feet and of course season one of the show.


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“Iron Fist” Friday

Today is the day, finally. Tonight we get to see IRON FIST starring our guy, Finn Jones. I will try to get the screencaps to season one up as soon as I can with each episode. I have a lot going on right now and I can’t concentrate on a marathon session in screencapping and getting them up in the gallery…but I’ll try my best. So who is excited? Are you looking forward to seeing Finn create a new and unique character? I can hardly wait to see how this leads into THE DEFENDERS. Bring it on!

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How Well Do You Know “Iron Fist” Danny Rand

Here is a video for you if you know nothing about Finn’s new series IRON FIST.


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