Welcome to FINN JONES ONLINE @ a website dedicated to British-born actor Finn Jones. Most known for his roles as Danny Rand and IRON FIST in the Marvel/Netflix shows IRON FIST and The Defenders, and as Ser Loras Tyrell in the HBO series GAME OF THRONES, Finn is currently being seen in the AppleTV series DICKENSON as Samuel Bowles. Finn has a few films to his name including LEATHERFACE, SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE LAST SHOWING. If you're a fan of Finn's please feel free to join us here to celebrate his acting career. Candid photos will not be posted to protect Finn's privacy. To read what will or won't be posted, feel free to read this site's Candids policy.
Finn Jones Online Is On Twitter
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Finn Jones Online Is On Twitter

I’ve finally set up a Twitter account for this site. I hope to see you there and if you have any suggestions, please give me a tweet. Thanks. Oh, one more thing. I will not be posting any negative reviews from any of the media about IRON FIST. After the ridiculous debacle Finn had to fight over something to stupid, I’ve decided to boycott the Negative Nellies.

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2 Comments on “Finn Jones Online Is On Twitter

  1. Poor guy, to have to discover how crazy people can be online, when he’s just trying to defend his projects! Been there, done that–but I think he’s a damned good actor and will get far with his talent and his great attitude. I’ll be watching his show because it looks interesting and I want to see how it integrates with the other three Defenders! 🙂

    1. Inuk:

      Thanks again for your comment and for coming back. I appreciate it.

      Yes, Finn was nothing less than cordial and charming. Trying to defend his show against a bunch of idiot social justice warriors who clearly know nothing of the source material. Danny Rand is Caucasian, not Asian. I agree about him going far. He was damn good as Loras Tyrell on GAME OF THRONES and will be amazing as Danny Rand. And another yes on watching the show to see how it connects to THE DEFENDERS that we get in the summer. Lucky us!

      Take care.


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