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Starz Cancels Show Finn Jones Would Have Been In

According to Yahoo Entertainment, STARz has just cancelled a show Finn would have been in without an episode to air. The show was called THE VENERY OF SAMANTHA BIRD and was partially produced with two episodes left to film. No word if anyone will pick it up. I’ll keep an eye out for any updates. The blurb is below. You can read the full article at the link provided.

What are all the shows Starz just canceled about?

Finally, Anna Moriarty created the partially-produced Venery of Samantha Bird. The series would have starred Katherine Langford as Samantha Bird, who returns home to New England and falls back in love with her childhood sweetheart. However, this seemingly idyllic romance carries some unsettling implications. The Venery of Samantha Bird would have tackled the concept of addictive love and its consequences. In addition to Langford, the series would have starred Finn Jones, Embeth Davidtz, Francesca Reale, Brenda Strong, Adam Faison, Shalini Bathina, and Tyrone Marshall Brown.